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 Complaining II: Waiting

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PostSubject: Complaining II: Waiting   Sat Jan 17, 2009 1:05 am

May I bring to you the second of my complaints, a complaint on... WAITING.

No I don't mean waiting like having to wait for someone. That's all patience. The waiting I'm talking about is the spineless, gutless fools that sit on their butts with their thumbs up it all day wishing for something to happen. That's pathetic! It's a waste of time! Something isn't going to happen just because you're waiting. Things happen because people make them happen. Quit sitting on your butts and do something. Shoot!

I swear, everyone these days are whining about the lack of stuff to do. It's annoying, cut it out. I don't want to hear you whine about not having anything to do when you can just as well MAKE something to do. Stop being a watcher and be a doer. Be impulsive! Be unrational! Be illogical! Do something! Life's more fun like that. You ain't gonna get no where if you're always just waiting. I swear, when I talk to people that say "Oh, I'm just going to sit around this weekend and hope something happens," I just want to shove a spoon into your eye. It annoys me very much. Quit it.

Life comes fast and if you ain't ready, you ain't gonna be able to do nothing. Quit relaxing and waiting. Start something. Start a social, a gathering, a fun time. Heck, go bug-catching. It's better than just waiting and whining. Find a hobby. Find a pass-time. Do your homework if nothing else. Cerritos might not be the funnest of places, but you can make it fun with your friends. Stop waiting and whining. I don't wanna hear it. It annoys me and I detest it from the bottom of my soul. I don't wanna shove a spoon into your eyes, but I get that urge. Quit waiting.
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Complaining II: Waiting
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