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 Whining: Boredom

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PostSubject: Whining: Boredom   Sun Jan 11, 2009 12:26 am

Life as we know it has ceased to be entertaining. Nowadays it's all by the book and playing safe and what not. Those that actually go and take risks are looked on as barbaric and uncivilized and wild. No one takes risks anymore except the insane people. Everyone these days are all cookie-cut people. Where's the risks? Everyone just hangs around, talks, sits, and calls it fun. Where's the danger? When it comes to trying something new, people fight over each other to see who goes last. Where's the excitement? Stupid asian enviroment... Where's the fun? No one knows how to have fun anymore. You people disgust me. Now I know why some guys take drugs and stuff. Because they're too freakin' bored with ya'll.

Do you wanna know how leaders come to be? It's because everyone else is too chicken*Bleep* to do anything except hide. I blame asian parents. Life's not all about school and grades believe it or not. If no one took any risks, we'd be dead. Famous people aren't exceptional. They just took risks. Life's boring. Let's do something.
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Whining: Boredom
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